CanZinc introduces the new Zinc Bright Spray tested as
one of the best Zinc Sprays.

CanZinc offers superior Corrosion Protection, Excellent Adhesion & Quick Drying Sprays that are used for protecting Metal Surfaces including Hot Dip Galvanized surfaces that require quick repair or touch ups.  CanZinc technology delivers a matching layer of zinc which is of high purity and concentration enabling greater coverage and thicker matching than other conventional sprays.

CanZinc is specially designed for use in the finishing process for Hot Dip Galvanizing systems, enabling hard to reach metal surfaces, and edges that require finishing to be sprayed with thick layers of pure zinc.  The color matches identically to Hot Dip Galvanizing enabling proper coverage and qualification.  No post applications are required after spray.   

CanZinc can also be used on welded sections, as well as an antirust primer before Paint. 

CanZinc sprays have excelled when subjected to vigorous salt spray tests, and have performed with no corrosion after 800 hours of exposure.  The spray is suitable to be used to protect against most corrosive environments including Salty, Wet and even high temperatures exceeding 290 Degrees Celcius.